Jello Wrestling Registration

Event: November 13, 2021

Registration Deadline: November 11, 2021


Rules and Regulations

  1. Wrestlers will carefully enter the Jello pit.
  2. Once in the pit, the wrestlers will be asked to sit down, back to back, legs extended, at which time you will be given verbal instructions, regulations, and precautions by the referee.
  3. Each participant will be given 4 sweatbands to be placed around each wrist and each ankle.
  4. The first wrestler to remove all 4 sweatbands from their opponent, wins the round.
  5. The winner of each round will be advanced to the next bracket.
  6. Your wrestling match will begin following a confirmation by the referee that each wrestler is “ready to rumble,” with a countdown of 3-2-1-GO!
  7. All participants must remain on their knees – No standing (this prevents injuries from slips and minimizes the impact of the ground when being tackled).
  8. No Kicking, punching, biting, hair pulling, gouging, head butting, choking etc
  9. In the event that either wrestler does rise above her knees, the match will be stopped.
  10. You have the option, at any time, to have the match halted due to injury, fatigue, or any despair on your part.
  11. If your opponent yells ‘stop’, passes out, or is injured in any way then the round ends immediately.
  12. The Referee’s decision is final. They also have the power to eject participants for overly rough play or misconduct.